Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's Wednesday again! Already, really!

Actually it is Thursday morning...but I won't tell if you won't.  Last week blogger quit letting me load up pictures so the saga continues this morning.  Remember I love pinwheels and this is yet another one I have been working on.  All the blocks are made, just need to add the sashing and borders.  This one is so happy and bright.

Now once in a while I do other things besides pinwheels.  I have a pattern for floating stars and I like to try different fabrics.  This is a fairly easy pattern and the best thing is that you don't have to match all those points when you join the blocks.
Here it is made with scraps of some of my older fabrics.

and here with soft victorian florals.  I love this one, it is going to be mine when I finish it.

This is just a trial block, but I really like it.  It looks like a soft winter quilt.  What do you think?

And you know I really fight the urge to join quilt-a-longs on these wonderful blogs, but after looking at these for the last 9 months, I gave in.

I love these blocks and I have been wanting to begin embroidery again, so I joined in at Little Miss Shabby for the birdie blocks.  Aren't they just fun!  It's not too late for you to join in.  There is a new pattern each month.

And of course, being me, I immediately wanted to start a primitive version in browns, blacks and beiges.
So I grabbed my new layer cake of Primitive fabric and started another one.  These come in handy when I want to go sew with the girls at the LQS.  While they sew, I embroider.

Well, it is time to go get ready for work and I am finding it hard to type because my lap is full with this handsome man:

I hope everyone has a fabulous day.


Pam said...

I love the floating stars. In fact, I love all your quilting. I've only just finished my first quilting project; a pillow. I'm now wanting to do more as I learnt so much and thoroughly enjoyed it. There's so much to learn. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

LynCC said...

Those pinwheels are amazing. :)