Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's Time To Take the Plunge!

I have been stalking WIP for several weeks...oohing and aahing...drooling over all the beautiful finished projects, berating myself because I was too chicken to post (kept using the excuse I didn't have time to take pictures, blog and post).  Well, I'm taking the time just for me.  I hope that you enjoy, but if you cringe at unfinished projects hurry up and hit your back button while there is still time.

I realized that I have been too chicken to post because I am not a very disciplined quilter.  I work alot and I will stay as many hours as it takes to finish a bank statement or post daily quilting....well....I like to try new things and life's too short to keep fighting to finish a quilt if I am not excited by it.  That doesn't mean I don't like it, just it doesn't grab me.  I am the same way with a new novel.  If the author doesn't grab me in the first one or two chapters....back to the library it goes.

Now I have finished a couple of quilts...if you go back to one of my older posts you will see them and I have a couple that are close to be completed, but life interrupts.  My LQS gets in a new book, new ruler, new fabric or I see a cute idea on one of your wonderful blogs and I am off and running in a new direction until something else gets my attention.

I so admire all of you who persevere and I love looking at your finishes, but I would hope you would enjoy looking at my starts as just fun.  I have fun!  So here goes:

I do try to be organized...a friend runs a pizza shop...can you tell...these are really handy for keeping pieces and parts together so I don't lose them.
What's in all those boxes....well....let's see:

I love dots and pinwheels.  This was supposed to be a summer quilt and it will be one of these days.  This is one I will actually continue working on because I love the colors.  It is super easy to put together.

I love pinwheels...can you tell?  They are easy.  I sometimes take new fabrics as they come in at my LQS and make them up in pinwheels just to give customers an idea of what they are going to look like combined.  Only when I really love them, do I plan on making a whole project.  Sometimes I mess up and the customers buy all the fabric before I can get back and buy more.....oh well!

Oops...missed a few...these are the Louisiana Pinwheel....I just tried it in several colors to show contrast.

And then there is "Card Tricks" fun!  You can do so much with contrast.  Little bit more complicated to piece, but fun.

I guess thought I was crazy won't let me load any more pictures.  So I'll be back another time, because I have more.  Have to go to work, anyway!  Have a great day!

By the way, I have joined a new swap called "Pay It Forward".  Read about it in an earlier post.  Should be fun.


Janine said...

I love your pin wheels :)

Debbie J said...

Love your blocks! The pizza boxes are a great idea.

Gina said...

Welcome to WIP.. it was a first for me too! I love your blocks and organization! You did great and Yikes! you described what I was feeling, I just didn't put it in words. I think my sewing projects and skills don't rate compared to all the awesome quilts/home decor/garments that are being made! I work long hours too, I'm an IT person and between work and family, my time for sewing is very late at night and most days I'm pooped!