Sunday, October 9, 2011

I want to "Pay It Forward"

I love sending surprises and getting I need 3 people to sign up so that I can send them surprises...check out "Pay It Forward" in my earlier post.  So many fun people coming over from Lily's and I am having a great time visiting everyone.

Why am I up at 3:48 in the morning....I am hurting...I spent yesterday helping my LQS owner at a show in Ponchatoula, Louisiana and I am getting old.  Haven't stood on my feet on a concrete floor for that long in a long, long, time.....but it was so fun.  Met so many fabulous quilters.  Our sales were good and we made some great friends.  So now I am sitting with a cold rice bag on my neck, a Goody's in front of me.....a warm cup of coffee to open my sinuses....getting older is not all it's cracked up to be....but I wouldn't change a minute of it.
The only problem with quilt shows....all these people give me ideas and then I want to buy everything at the show........


Patti said...

What a good friend you are! Quilt shows are so much work. We are having one here in a couple of weeks and I can hardly wait to get some inspiration!

mammafairy said...

I have just looked at your PIF, I also offered this a short while back, but only one person has taken me up on it!

I suspect it is a 'too good to be true offer, and because people aren't sure what to expect they aren't playing . Good luck with getting your 3 to play!