Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Time out for Garden Club Party

Wouldn't normally be home at this time of day to be posting....Garden Club party tonight and I am baking a Pineapple Up-Side Down cake and Lemon Squares for desert and since I multi-task constantly, I am cutting up watermelon and strawberries for a fruit plate (already have the canteloupe).  Didn't have time to cook anything else so local supermarket is making a sandwich tray for me and I have made a vegetable tray of cucumbers, yellow squash and bell peppers to go with the sandwiches.  All the fresh fruits and vegetables are beginning to come in here in Louisiana so I decided we needed to do fresh as much as possible tonight.  Decorations are ready, door prizes are ready and food will soon be ready. 

Weather is so gorgeous outside that I am having to fight the urge to work in the yard.  Quilting has to take a back-seat today (breaks my heart), but tomorrow I have my quilt club (Tangi Cut-Ups) luncheon.  We are doing a block swap each month.  One club member picks out her main fabric and gives us a piece and we have to add from our stash and give her back two blocks.  She then has to make a sampler quilt and bring it back to show us.  Barbara was first and she picked out a very spring like floral to which I added some mauve, green and light cream scraps.  I made her "card tricks" and the "Louisiana" block.  I will take pictures tomorrow and post a couple for you to see.  I have been watching the blocks come in and they are gorgeous, can't wait to see the quilt.

I will be the last month in April of next year....I have picked out a holiday fabric and I can hardly wait to see what the ladies come up with.  Just for fun I made the "Louisiana" block in different fabrics to show some of the visitors to the quilt shop what a difference it makes depending on the type of fabric you use.  I will post a picture of those too!

I have been reading blogs again and it is mind-boggling.  So many creative and wonderful sharing people out there.  Cake to go....have a great day.

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