Sunday, May 22, 2011


I am really going to have to work at this blogging everyday!  I forget!  It's Sunday and I am washing clothes, cleaning house and piecing blocks.  I have to make myself do other things in between quilting or I would only quilt every minute I am home.

I told you about the Garden club party and today I am going to post a picture of one of my decorations.  I am really into bright spring colors this year and usually get stuck doing October with fall colors.  I begged to change months with someone so I could do spring.  Glad I did...had a great time.

The next day I had to get grilled chicken ready for our quilt club lunch.  We chose salads for lunch and everyone was supposed to bring their quilt squares for the lucky girl of the month.  Mine were already there, but I took pictures to share with you.  There is also a picture of all the squares Barbara received laid out on the table in the back of the shop.  Can't wait to see the quilt when she gets it together.

I cooked lunch for the staff at the quilt shop yesterday.  Pork tenderloin, fresh corn on the cob, squash and fresh cucumbers, tomatos and bell peppers.  Pineapple up-side-down cake for dessert.  We had so much fun eating and sharing stories.  Great group of talented people who always in inspire me.

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Linda Coleman said...

love the colours in the quilt you have on the table.