Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Tourist at Home

Well...I got to play tourist for a day.  I was born and raised in Louisiana, never living more than an hour away from New Orleans in Baton Rouge (the capital), but my parents weren't big sight-seers.  So I was grown before I spent time in New Orleans.  But I love the history of Louisiana and have always read a lot about the past.

So when the grocery company we deal with offered a riverboat cruise and a walking tour of the French Quarter I jumped at the chance.  So glad I did.

This is the steamboat Natchez and it takes tourists up the river to the Chalmette Battlegrounds and then returns.  It is very interesting and fun.  Imperial Trading arranged for us to have lunch on the way back and the dining area was beautiful, the food was very tasty (bread pudding to die for) and we had a great guide who gave us many interesting facts about the huge port of New Orleans.

I am not going to bore you with the tons of pictures that I took because I am always playing with my camera trying to take unusual shots, but this is part of the skyline.  See the round blue building...that is the Aquarium of the Americas.  It sustained a lot of damage during Katrina, but they now have it restored and operational.  This is well worth seeing if you get the chance to come to New Orleans.

After we disembarked they hired tour guides to take us on a walking tour of the French Quarter....not the whole thing...that is a several day tour, but some of the most important buildings...mostly historical restaurants like Antoines, Johnny's Poboys and the Court of Two Sisters.  Our tour guide was fabulous and interesting.  New Orleans is a blend of Spanish, French, American, African and Native American history.  The food is very unique, very spicy.

It was already so hot and humid, we had to stop a couple of times to buy water.  I love the architecture in New Orleans so I took a lot of pictures of the unique buildings.

Not to mention unique job opportunites....this guy has tip bucket for tourists to donate in...I would hate to have his job...standing in the hot sun, with all those clothes on, not moving a muscle for several minutes at a time....but he was fun to watch.

Of course, you also get a job driving one of these around the Quarter..

This is the original Central Grocery, home of the Muffaletta right across the street from the Cafe Du Monde, home of the world famous beignets that everyone has to have when they come to New Orleans.

Now if I had to pick out one thing that you absolutely must not miss when you visit New Orleans the Cafe Du Monde would be it.  The coffee is very unusual (has chicory, so it is bitter) and no one can replicate the beignets in a box.  Those tasty little pastries covered in powdered sugar are best when eaten on not wear dark colored clothes when you go there....because by the time you leave you are covered with confectioner's's like eating boiled crawfish...they are not good unless you get them from your head to your toes......

The grocery show was great as usual, bought a lot of product, lots of hugs from vendors I only see once or twice a year.....lost money at the casino (that's normal), but I had fun doing it and I was dog-tired the next day. 

Hope you enjoyed your visit to New Orleans with me....have a great day.


Linda Coleman said...

thank you for such a wonderful "tourist" trip and all from the comfort of my computer chair.

DeAnna S. said...

Thanks for the trip back home. I fried catfish and shrimp last night and it brought me back to the tastes of home. Great pics. Thanks for posting.

Linda said...

Thanks for showing the pics. I have always wanted to go to New Orleans but never have. Maybe this year I'll get down there...I'm glad you had a good time, sorry you lost money but that's why they call it gambling!! Get rested up!