Friday, March 23, 2012

Great news everyone!

I also write and publish the blog for Mama's Quilt Shop, named Bits and Pieces and we are participating in the Blog Hop that the Quilting Gallery is running.  It ends tomorrow morning and we have 155 followers so far and over 220 comments that have been left for us. 

Brenda has generously agreed to give away a beautiful fan of fat quarters to our winner.....but wait....she is so excited about our 155 followers and she wants more (200 to be exact) that she told me she will make one of  our followers a little more excited.  So she upped the ante....

and now one of our followers is going to win this great prize....a "Lil' Twister" ruler and 3 cute fat quarters.  The fabulous cream fat quarters can be won by anyone who comments on the Blog Hop giveaway, but the "Lil' Twister" will only be for one of our followers if we hit 200!

So if you haven't visited Bits and Pieces or Mama's Quilt Shop.....
what are you waiting for!

Get on over there and put your name in the hat.
You only have 1 more day...
we will pull the winner or winners name while we have coffee at the shop in the morning.

Now get going!

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My Sister Made Me Do It.... said...

Hi Martha....I have nominated you for an award....maybe it will help get some more traffic to your blog and Mama's Quilt shop.