Friday, July 15, 2011

I can't believe I won!

I came home so tired last night and while I was eating a bite of supper I decided to make it thru a few more of the WIP entries for the week.  There are 99 now and it takes me all week to look at all the beautiful work.  Mostly because I have to keep wiping the drool off my chin.  I clicked on Meinca's site and I see my name!  I won her give-a-way.  Four fat quarters by Natalie Barnes of Beyond the Reef patterns.  The colors are awesome and of course my favorite places in the world have the word beach in them.  Can't wait to see them in person.  I never win anything so this is very exciting.  And on my birthday no less.  Go on over and check out her wonderful blog.

No sewing this week, but I had to go by my favorite quilt shop "Mama's" to see what came in while I was so busy and imagine this "I found fabric I need to buy".  Brenda is beginning to get in Christmas fabric, the latest is Jason Yenter's new fabric.  It will be a stretch but I am absolutely certain I will be able to find a corner in my sewing room to put a few yards of it.  Or on the living room couch, or coffee table, or dining room table or ..........

Well....I got to go get dressed to go to work....have a wonderful day everyone.  Sew one for me!

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