Monday, April 9, 2012

I am embarrassed and so surprised and excited at the same time.

Before my trip to Florida, I received a surprise in the mail and I forgot to blog about it.  Shame on me!  It really made my day and it was a complete surprise!
Quite a while ago I signed up for "Pay It Forward" with Harriet over at Harriet Homemaker Strikes Again.  Honestly I barely remember signing up.  But Harriet didn't forget and she sent me the cutest package just full of goodies.....

There was a cute, cute, cute little package of cards that she made (I have already used one of them as a thank you card), a wonderful pouch in great colors (used it on my trip to Florida), two "Stay Put Kitchen Towels" (that are way too pretty to wipe my hands on) and of course a little candy which I really enjoyed.  Thank you Harriet, you made my day and I can't wait to "Pay It Forward"!

So sign up if you would like to receive a package from me filled with goodies!  I will leave the sign up open until Friday.  Saturday I will pick someone to surprise!  I love sending fun things to others.

I also forgot to post a picture of what I sent my winners in the Leap Day Blog....

I promised a "smile bag" filled with goodies and I fulfilled that promise.  I placed a matching mug rug and pincushion in each bag and I also sneaked in some other little goodies.  Penny won this cat bag and Sue Smiles Alot won my second one, which I am embarrassed to admit I forgot to take a picture of.  Sue liked batiks, so I sent her a bag made with beautiful blue batiks also stuffed with a mug rut, pincushion and other goodies.  Both have sent me the sweetest thank you notes in my e-mail.  That was so much fun.....I want to do it again really soon.

Now don't forget to send me a comment if you would like to be in the running for my "Pay It Forward" gift.
Have a great day!

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